Short Films


Logline: A hero’s journey to overcome the strongholds of wartime PTSD and pull a fractured life back together.

Executive Producers: Chadwick Pelletier, Andy Khawaja
Production Partner: XS Camera
Writer-Director: Chadwick Pelletier
Director of Photography: John T. Connor
Producers: Constance Brenneman, Jillian Austin, Lauren S. Henry

Film Note:  She Will Be Loved is CRE’s first long-format picture that aims to both deliver a compelling and beautiful narrative, as well as shed some light on wartime PTSD.

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Logline: A group of friends travel back in time to the Wild West to play out a deadly hand of Texas Hold’em poker.

Awards: Best Picture, Best Cinematography, Best Fantasy
Executive Producer: Chadwick Pelletier
Writer-Director: Chadwick Pelletier
Co-Director: John T. Connor
Producer: Julie Helton

Film Note:  For Blood comes on the heels of BOXED for a 2016-17 festival circuit showcase. The Western is the birth child of Rounders meets The Wizard of OZ, or something like that …

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Logline: A man wakes up to find himself buried alive, then recounts his steps on how he got there.

Writer-EP: Chadwick Pelletier
Co-Executive Producer: Pete Punito
Co-Executive Producer: Mark Hulsey
Director: John T. Connor
Producer: Alicia M. Gaspar

Film Note:  Directed by John T. Connor, this mystery-thriller project raises the bar at CoffeeRing Entertainment on all fronts, and was released in the 2015 festival circuit.

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Logline: A dramatic narrative about a young boy who finds freedom from a terminal illness, through his convictions of being a superhero.

Executive Producer: Chadwick Pelletier
Co-Executive Producer: Pete Punito
Director: Mark J. Howell
Producer: Jeremy Scott Glenn
Screenplay: Chadwick Pelletier

Film Note: SuperFLY was a special project from the very start.  CRE filmmaker, Sam Abbinanti conceptualized the short, and in no time at all a script was written and crew assembled.  Mark Howell was called in to direct it, and from that point on, SuperFLY took off.

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The Rogue Report


Following the attack on the CIA annex in Benghazi, a covert operation was launched to neutralize an inside threat against the United States.

Executive Producer: Chadwick Pelletier
Director: Nicholas Freitas
Producer: Jeremy Scott Glenn
Screenplay: Chadwick Pelletier

Film NoteThe Rogue Report was CoffeeRing’s first project since expanding the production model, to include short format vignette projects. CRE’s aim with this particular production was to deliver a visceral experience for both the actor and viewer—a timely piece that would tease sensitive current events.

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El Paso TownEL PASO TOWN (FKA “The Gunslinger”) – VIDEO

A vignette about a Gunslinger who rides into an El Paso Town and falls in love with the barmaid (Caroline Filgueiras).

Executive Producer: Chadwick Pelletier
Director: Michael Su
Unit Production Manager: Monica Persons
Poem by: Bazzel Baz
Lyrical Adaptation: Chadwick Pelletier

Film Note: All good country songs have stories to tell, and El Paso Town is no exception.  This vignette was CoffeeRing’s first stab at production, and with the support of a professional crew, vocalist, and sound mixers, we were able to successfully weave a narrative about a man who finds love in an unexpected place.

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