For BloodIt’s the Wild West.  And we’re playin’ … FOR BLOOD.

CoffeeRing Ent. is excited to present our Executive Producers with a new short film production, For Blood–a Western narrative that is bound to deliver and make some noise in this town. We have done that with The Rogue Report, SuperFLY, and November’s production of BOXED, and we’re set up to do it again!

2014 promises to be HUGE for CoffeeRing, with hopes of earning the “Official Selection” at many film festivals across the nation (and internationally) in the upcoming months.

We have recently teamed with an equipment rental house and an A-List Director of Photography (DP) for our next few short films–each one supporting a progressive trend and amazing body of work.  Our goal with these pictures (ultimately), is showcase an ability to deliver professional work, and gain the support from financiers for a long-format film by the end of this year.  We currently have a a full-length feature film at Lionsgate for consideration, that has been line produced at $7MM, with “recommend” coverage from one of Hollywood’s leading literary agencies.  Should Lionsgate “pass”, we will be looking to produce this picture ourselves, and will be approaching EP’s and talent in due time for their consideration.

For more information on this project, please contact us for access to the production website and screenplay, thank you.

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Title: For Blood

Format:  Short Film

TRT:  <20Min

Genre: Western/Thriller

Location(s):  Two locations: 1) Garage 2) Valuzet Motion Picture Ranch (www)

Pre-production: February 1, 2014

Principal Photography:  March, 2014 (2-3 days)

Camera(s): Alexas (x2)

Crew Size:  ~40

Budget: $13,750 (adjusted)

Director/DP:  John T. Connor (IMDb)

Executive Producer:  Chadwick Pelletier

Producer: TBD

Screenplay:  Chadwick Pelletier  (Available Soon)

Score:  Capital Records

Sponsors:  Cowboy Boot Company (Pending)

Notes: Our Producer will be looking to secure Universal Studios backlot wardrobe for this picture.  We will also be looking to get an amazing makeup artist to really bring to life our cowboys and other time-period characters.  As for cameras, we will be filming on the best of the best Alexa has to offer ($250K /camera), as well as introducing some 360 camera work, and steadicam with RED Epic.

Inspiration: Gabe Leonard’s Outlaws

For BloodSynopsis: A small group of friends come together around felt and clay for a game of Texas Hold’em, when a question comes up: If you could go back in time, when would you go back?  The question circles the table, then comes to our lead character who says “The Wild West, baby.  And we’d be playin’ … for blood.”  At that point, our present-day poker table slowly transforms into a mid-1800’s Wild West game, and our card players finish the hand in another place–another time, where winning the game means the difference between life or death.

The screenplay available FEB, 2014


Producer Contribution Rubric:

$5000+ Executive Producer / Production Partner  (Top Billing and Logo on rolling credits) (limited)

$3000-$4000 – Co-Executive Producer credit (position based on contribution)

$1000-$2000 – Associate Producer credit (position based on contribution)

$999 and Under – Support by & Special Thanks credit

**All credits are reflected in every medium and platform, including IMDb, DVDs, online play, and print collateral.

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